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At IntegraTek Consulting, we use technology to solve business problems.  Small businesses and home offices usually don’t have enough work or the funds to keep a full time person busy.  That means they are left trying to figure it out on their own, or bringing in outside help. Outsourcing key business functions is not a new concept.  

Outsourcing is common for small businesses in other functions such as payroll, and accounting.  Now aware of their dependence on technology, businesses see the importance of the maintenance and strategic planning associated with it, and are applying the concept of outsourcing to their technology infrastructure.

Here are some of the benefits in contracting with IntegraTek Consulting:

  • Integrity:  We operate with the utmost Integrity.  This filters into our consultants, our solutions, our prices, and our services.  We strive for client satisfaction, and believe maintaining a high level of integrity is how to accomplish this.
  • Convenience:  Short or long-term computer software, hardware support are just a phone call away.
  • Quality:  We understand that technology enhances your business operations.  Therefore, we understand that you need reliable solutions and technicians to aid you in accomplishing your business needs.
  • Best-In-Class services at affordable rates:  We offer cost effective computer solutions on-site at very reasonable rates. In some cases up to 60% savings to our competitors.
  • Personal attention:  We tailor support to your requests, and we will work within your budget to find solutions that meet your individual needs.
  • Certified technical experts:  To assist you with specific software, hardware, network and other technology needs. Multi-platform & multi-discipline technical specialists.
  • Services:  We offer a range of services from emergency on-site computer services to preventative maintenance, project management and implementation.
  • Computer purchasing assistance and technology consulting:  Let us do the technical research and provide an excellent solution for your business needs.
  • Up front fee schedule with no hidden costs: This includes on-site or remote service with no additional charge.  This keeps you informed and in control.
  • All of the advantages of having your own IT staff: Without the cost of a full-time IT professional on your payroll.  Reduce the time and costs of recruiting and screening in hopes of finding the right technical expert for your needs. We have the experts you need now.